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US Senate - Clint Moser

Governor - Tim James

Lt. Governor - Gene Ponder

Treasurer - George Wallace, Jr

State Commissioner of Agriculture - John McMillan

Public Service Commissioner - Chip Beeker

Public Service Commissioner - Terry Dunn

Supreme Court Place 2 - Justice Mike Bolin

Supreme Court Place 3 - Justice Tom Parker.

Pete Gounares - 1st District Congress

Stephanie Bell or Rick Barber- 2nd District Congress

Mo Brooks - 5th District Congress

Stan Cooke - 6th District Congress

Michelle Waller or Chris Slater - 7th District Congress

Ken Gawronski - Alabama State Board of Education District 8
Counties of Limestone, Madison, Jackson, Etowah, DeKalb

Mobile Area Candidates:
House District 104: Nathan Davis.
Senate District 33: Brad Moser
District Attorney: Judge Ashley Rich

-- North Alabama
Clay Scofield - Senate District 9, Madison, Marshall, Blount
Tom Beason - Senate District 4 Cullman, Winston, Lawrence
Don Huddleston - House District 5, Limestone

-- Birmingham Area
Bobby Humphryes, Jefferson County Commission Dist 3
Joe Knight, Jefferson County Commission Dist 4
David Carrington, Jefferson County Commission Dist 5
Sen. Scott Beason, District 17 Jefferson, Blount
Joel Lonnergan, House District 30, St. Clair / Etowah
James Lee, House District 49, Jefferson

GOP State Executive Committee - Shelby
Marcelo Munoz, Ken Varley
Jesi West, Dale Peterson
Kathy Peterson

-- Montgomery Area
Paul Beckman, House District 88, Autauga County
Ray Boles, State Senate 30, Autauga, Butler, Crenshaw, Elmore, Lowndes, Pike

Clint Moser for US Senate.
While Richard Shelby has been fairly conservative on most issues, his closeness to the bankers, and his apparent doing the bankers bidding is of great concern to us.
Clint Moser says: Any bailout of private industry is in direct violation of the constitution. It is a transfer of wealth from those who have earned to those who have squandered. The federal government has overstepped its enumerated powers as stipulated in the Constitution. Moser opposes all federal bailouts of private industry. Moser strongly criticized the $700 billion bank bailout, AIG bailouts, and auto bailouts, as well as the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS the so called "FEDERAL RESERVE" has printed OUT of THIN AIR to fund the subsidization of FAILED BUSINESS. Moser will strongly oppose any and all federal bailouts. Instead, he will fight to pay down national debt, restore the just weights and measures to the Dollar in accordance with the constitution, and allow the responsible to caucus to replace the reckless in the marketplace...!!! Clint Moser

Tim James for Governor.
Tim James has made it clear that he believes in less government and wishes to follow the Constitution. Tim James campaigned against Amendment 1 of 2003, known as the largest tax increase in history in 2003. His father, Governor Fob James followed constitutional law and on several occasions he took a goal line stand against President Jimmy Carter, creating exciting situations.

Gene Ponder for Lt. Governor.
Gene Ponder previously ran for office as a Libertarian. I have always believed in our constitutional rights. It is time for Alabama to proudly set the standard. I support the Constitution as it was designed by our founding fathers. History shows us that socialistic styles of government like Nazism, Communism, Marxism, and Fascism eventually lead to the downfall of a nation and its people. I strongly oppose any socialistic program or policy. Alabamians are refusing to surrender their God given rights of personal and economic freedoms. Our state government appears willing to defend its Sovereignty. I am not afraid to speak the truth and defend the beliefs of the people of Alabama against governmental socialism. Let us caucus together.

Vote for less government and less regulation of our lives. Vote the above conservative ticket.

Copy the above slate and forward to your friends. Keep forwarding until election day, Tuesday June 1.



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