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Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs send the message. One well place yard sign can be seen by over 5,000 people a day. One bumper sticker is a personal endorsement that will influence hundreds of people.
Ron can't do it alone. It's our future and our fight. The Founding Fathers pledged "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor". It will take nothing less today. It takes more than hitting a youtube like button to make you an activist. Get some signs and become the media.
Do something. Give something. Don't wait. Ron Paul 2012 and TODAY

My local meetup group is getting together this weekend to figure out where we're going to do the sign bomb. I'm going to Lowes in the next few days to buy a roll of tyvek and I'm going to use a friend's projector to make a 3 ft x 4 ft stencil that says Ron Paul 2012. I figure one roll of tyvek will make about 40 signs that will be large enough to be seen on freeway overpasses.
Ron Paul Sign Bomb~California - California getting pumped up about Ron Paul! - Description: **Check ( ) for links to your County Page.** December 16, 2011, Ron Paul Supporters, and Defenders of Liberty around the country will show our support in a nation wide, Sign Bomb.

Paint the Town with Ron Paul Signs

This was an excellent Video that was made during the 2008 campaign that I thought would do great right now during the election, paint the town with Ron Paul signs.
All we need to do is have a paint the town with Ron Paul signs where each of us Pledge to make 10 signs and put them up around our towns on a certain day. This would garner some MAJOR Attention especially if we can get at least 10 signs in Each County in America.

Make your own Ron Paul Signs - You Tube Video How To

If you had an opportunity to introduce thousands of people to Ron Paul and his message of liberty in one day, would you take it? Well, on October 10th, meetups from counties across the country are coming together in a concerted effort to show their support for Ron Paul's 2012 campaign by holding up Ron Paul signs in high profile areas in order to gain positive national media attention for our candidate and expose thousands of new people to the man and his message of individual liberty, limited government, and economic prosperity.
More information about the event coming soon, including a pre-planning meetup event where we will be recruiting volunteers to help us complete our goals (finding the perfect location, contacting people about the event, sign ides, making signs, etc.) in order to make this a successful meetup event. In the meantime, you can go to this link here, and sign up here on Facebook to stay updated and to spread the word about our meetup event.

Objective: Gather groups of people together in EVERY county of EVERY state to hold Ron Paul signs in high profile areas such as overpasses, intersections, and in front of public buildings.

Why: To promote Ron Paul, to show the strength of Ron Paul’s supporters and to create a National grassroots network of supporters that will be used throughout Ron Paul’s campaign for Presidency and beyond. The R3VOLUTION will not be televised, the message must be carried to the masses directly by the people!

"Our goal is to unite every county in every state the 16th of the month in support of Ron Paul's 2012 Election. We believe that an event on this scale will be sure to draw national media attention and once again, put Ron Paul in the spotlight. Something of this size has never been accomplished, to my knowledge. We will likely set some sort of record!!! If you have not already signed up, please do so. If you want to lead your county or state, go to the state to state page and see where we need the help!"
So please join us on and hold up a sign for Ron Paul. Who knows, you may inspire a generation of new people to action with three words, "Google Ron Paul."

Join a Local Ron Paul For President Meet Up Group

Ron Paul Information
Congressman Ron Paul has something the other candidates envy, which is a profound amount of grassroots support. Right now there are nearly 700 local meetup groups, with around 85,000 members, this fact alone is very impressive and gives him creditability as a major contender. At his peak in 2008, he had double those numbers in meetup groups. Visit a local one right now ;
Ron Paul for President 2012 Meetup Groups (Click Here).

The questions now being asked are: Where to go from here and who's to blame for the downfall of the Republican Party?

Too bad the concern for the future of the Republican Party had not been seriously addressed in the year 2000 when the Republicans gained control of the House, Senate, and the Presidency.

Now, in light of the election, many are asking: What is the future of the Republican Party?

But that is the wrong question. The proper question should be: Where is our country heading? There's no doubt that a large majority of Americans believe we're on the wrong track. That's why the candidate demanding "change" won the election. It mattered not that the change offered was no change at all, only a change in the engineer of a runaway train.

Once it's figured out what is fundamentally wrong with our political and economic system, solutions can be offered. If the Republican Party can grasp hold of the policy changes needed, then the party can be rebuilt.

In the rise and fall of the recent Republican reign of power these past decades, the goal of the party had grown to be only that of gaining and maintaining power -- with total sacrifice of the original Republican belief in shrinking the size of government.

The Campaign for Liberty

The Campaign for Liberty will be the largest organization for peace, freedom, the Constitution, and sound money in American history. It will launch in grand fashion with lots of special guests and - if the early television and print inquiries we’ve received are any indication - plenty of media attention.

I would like to personally invite you and your family to join me to send a message to the Republican Party.

Grassroots is what's going to deliver victory, because the action is on the street, not in the media. The grassroots is Ron Paul's media.

Pat Buchanan Predicts Ron Paul Crowd Will Rock GOP Convention

NBC - The McLaughlin Group

On NBC’s McLaughlin Group, Pat Buchanan and guests talk about Obama, Jesse Jackson and McCain. At the end of the clip Pat is asked to makes a prediction:

“The Republican Convention is going to have an exciting side convention. I think Ron Paul’s crowd is coming out. They could have 6,000 to 10,000 there for the Campaign for Liberty; a big rally Tuesday of the Republican Convention. I don’t think Ron Paul is going to endorse the Republican candidate.”


DR. MCLAUGHLIN: Issue Two — I’m Sorry, So Sorry.

Ron Paul President

Ron Paul Mini Convention ul.

News and events from the Campaign for Liberty

Ron Paul announced his founding of the Campaign for Liberty. This is our time, the Campaign for Liberty is our voice. It's time for a new meetup. Do not tolerate the destruction of Freedom, that took 233 years of bloodshed to create, for our nation!!!
We are going to fight to restore the Republic, to limit the government to its constitutional functions, to reclaim a foreign policy that defends America, and to put a stop to the centrally planned economy that results from the Federal Reserve System.
The Rally for the Republic is our key first step to taking America back. We will have a training session for key grassroots activists, a leadership summit to begin laying the groundwork for our long term nationwide activities, and a celebration to mark the gains made by Dr.Paul -- and our cause -- over this past year.



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