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Ron Paul Mini Convention Ron Paul's campaign started selling tickets today to his counter-rally during the Republican convention in September.
Have the tickets sold out the first day for the event at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sept. 2, as the GOP holds its convention across the river in St. Paul.

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Paul, the Texas congressman who suspended his presidential bid last month, moved his "Rally for the Republic" from the smaller Williams Arena to the 18,000-seat Target Center because of expected interest.

Tickets are available.

Ron Paul plans his own convention

Ron Paul announced his founding of the Campaign for Liberty. This is our time, the Campaign for Liberty is our voice. It's time for a new meetup. Do not tolerate the destruction of Freedom, that took 233 years of bloodshed to create, for our nation!!! Conservative Congress

Bob BarrCongressman Ron Paul says he likes Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin. Bob Barr for President While Obama is a clear obmination, McCain has a record of pushing the liberal record. As Ann Coulter says, McCain will leave the Republican Party in shambles. The next 2 Congressional elections are likely to have major loses to the GOP. If Obama were President, people would wake up and get fired up, They will go to sleep under Republican President McCain.

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PJB: Where the Ducks Are

by Patrick J. Buchanan

"You go hunting where the ducks are", said Barry Goldwater.

The successor to Barry's Senate seat apparently believes that ducks come from Mexico and speak Spanish. For in July alone, John McCain made three separate appearances before Hispanic groups.

Last week, he spoke to La Raza (The Race), where rival Barack Obama said, "The Latino community holds the election in its hands."

McCain would appear to agree. But are he and the GOP letting go of the bird in the hand to grab two in the bush, which may not even be there?

Consider. Though Hispanics are 14.5 percent of the U.S. population, they will likely constitute only 7 percent to 8 percent of the electorate in 2008.

Why? A vast share are illegal or recent immigrants who cannot vote. Hispanic citizens also register and vote in low percentages. And they are concentrated in New York, Illinois and California, which are out of reach for McCain, and Texas, where McCain will win handily.

Some 14 percent of the vote in crucial Florida is Hispanic, but Cubans are overrepresented there, and Cubans do not vote like La Razans.

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A mid-July Quinnipiac University poll showed Obama leading McCain among black voters 94 to 1. Yet, McCain appeared last week at the NAACP convention.

Now, as GOP nominee, McCain is entitled to court any voters. But why has he decided to court the hardest of hard-core Democrats, rather than the Democrats he can win?

Who are they? Though the GOP seems deaf to the message, the primaries of 2008 fairly screamed out the answer.



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Watch Chuck Baldwin on CNN interviewed by Lou Dobbs about illegal immigration.
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